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I’m passionate about building long-term wealth through Investing in great companies that are transforming their industries and making a difference in the world.


Having worked in the technology industry and specialist fields of software engineering, business intelligence and data analytics for over 15 years as an advisory consultant to some of the largest Industry customers and consulting firms, I have gained some unique Insights into some of the most promising technology trends and companies producing these products and services.


Today, I'm a 'Popular Investor' on the eToro trading platform where anybody can 'copy' my investment portfolio in order to replicate all my trading activity and performance in their own accounts. I discover, research and invest in stocks of great companies that have the potential for excellent, long-term wealth building returns for investors. 


I work to gain investor confidence with proven historical results and consistency and transparency in executing core investment beliefs and principals. I employ deep research and consistently apply proven Investment principles, which has allowed me to gain the "elite" popular Investor status on eToro with over 45 000 followers (I’m also featured on numerous blog posts, webinars and Interviews).​


Analyzing, following and owning some of the world’s most innovative, fastest-growing companies has allowed me to significantly increase my personal wealth. I look forward to sharing my insights with you, and hope you enjoy some of the growth and success I’ve had whilst investing during these exciting times. 

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