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Great recipes for dogs and cats to keep them happy and feeling great. 

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Dave’s Pet Food combines nutritious, yummy, high-quality pet food for owners looking for healthy options for their cats and dogs—at an affordable price. Our pet food comes in a wide range of flavors dogs and cats love. We also have special recipes for pets with various health conditions.













Dave's has a wide variety of canned and dry cat and dog food

to meet the needs of nearly every pet.

Different Dog and Cat Food Recipies at Reasonable Prices

Dave’s Pet Food for dogs and cats can be a great source of nutrition for pets with various lifestyles. Our restricted diet catalog offers food low in magnesium, phosphorus, and protein for intermittent feeding. For older and less active dogs, our Naturally Healthy™ Senior Dog Food makes food easier to digest.

Healthy and delicious pet food doesn't have to be expensive. With Dave's your pet can enjoy great food at a great price-point. 


Browse through our products today to find one that best suits your pet’s need. You can order our products online from one of our many retail partners, or from over 1,600 local pet stores across the country.  Click here to find a pet store near you. Be sure to call ahead to check if they carry the Dave's product you're looking for. 

dave's story


There’s one thing about pet food that every independent pet retailer knows—there’s a lot of great pet food on the market and there’s a lot of affordable pet food on the market, but there’s not a lot of great, affordable food.

​Around 20 years ago, it struck me that this was a problem. I love my customers and I want them to be happy. It turns out that while they’re really into feeding their pets nutritious food, they also like to be able to feed their families occasionally—and even themselves once in a while! That’s why I made the decision to start a private label pet food for my customers. The goal was simple: create great, nutritious, delicious pet food at a reasonable price. I’m a sales guy, not a scientist, so I brought in some help. A world-famous nutritionist created my first formula and was even kind enough to hook me up with a great manufacturer. And that's how Dave's Pet Food got its start.

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Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.54.36

Fingers crossed, breath held—I wrote one of the biggest checks I’d ever written, and Dave’s Pet Food was born. My customers loved the food, and as the years went on, I added more formulas. Six years ago, we added canned food—talk about a home run! Things got really exciting when we added a grain-free cat food line. Sales just took off! Why? I think it’s pretty simple. Dave’s is a top quality, healthy food at a reasonable price. Just about every person who comes into my store wants to stick to a budget—and this is probably true for you, too. Understanding this helped me find the underserved portion of the quality pet food market. And now that we’ve found it, we’re doing the best we can to make our customers happy.

A frequently asked question is: “How can your brand be as good as the other high-quality brands and keep your prices so much lower?” Good question. Here’s how: I own the company. I don't have to answer to venture capitalists, investment bankers, wall street, or anyone else —except my wife. That keeps my marketing budget in check and my overhead low which allows me to keep the retail prices so reasonable. It’s working out pretty well. As of today, Dave’s Pet Food is sold in more than 2,000 independent pet stores across the country, and on many online sites as well. We’ve even been on the Home Shopping Network—how cool is that?!

I have to admit, I have the best job in the world. People who have bought Dave's for their pets have come to trust me with the health and well-being of the creatures they love more than anything in the world. It doesn’t get better than that!



Memorable Moments

Dave has had a storied career in the pet food industry – in 2007, he testified before the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill as a representative for the National Retail Federation, where he's a board member. There, he took a stand for small, independent retailers like himself and the more than 1,600 local pet stores who sell his brand. Additionally, in 2013, Dave had the opportunity to showcase a few of his dog and cat food products on the Home Shopping Network – an opportunity that helped to spread the word about Dave's to a national audience.

What's Next

Dave has big plans for Dave’s Pet Food. His mission is to grow the brand to a national level so that ALL pets can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, wholesome food that tastes good, one that all  pet owners can trust that they'll get the best pet food on the market at a reasonable price. 

New recipes are being added to our family of pet food all the time and are stocked on shelves of more and more local pet stores every day.. Be sure to look for us at a pet store near you.



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