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Stewlicious Canned Dog Food

After an exhausting search, we found Dave’s!  Our Pup is quite picky with her food, but we’ve also found she has a little issue digesting certain items.  There are other brands of food that meet her restrictions… she just won’t eat them!  She does LOVE, LOVE the Stewlicious!  She is almost done with the case of food we bought and has had no tummy issues.  We are very happy with the food and look forward to trying the other varieties.


- Angie



Lamb and Rice Canned Dog Food

Kona LOVES the Bland Lamb and Rice Canned Dog Food!





95% Canned Dog Food

"Hi, my name is Teddy. As you can see I get the best of everything including my favorite food, DAVE'S. My favorite is Turkey, no wait, it's Beef & Liver. Who am I kidding, l like all the delicious flavors. About 5 years ago I was rescued and that was a good thing because I didn't have much time left. Now my family tells everyone that I rescued them! They love me so much and as you can see I am one cute dude".

Wages & Kisses



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Lamb and Rice Canned Dog Food

My little guy, Raja had a bout with vestibular disease a little bit ago. I’ve had him for 13 years. The Vet gave him meds. for nausea & dizziness. When he was back to eating regular pet food, he wouldn’t eat what I’d been feeding them for years. I went through quite a few foods because it was hard to find something he liked, something that didn’t have potatoes, peas, carrageenan, or some just plain weird ingredients. During the process he had lost some weight. I saw your food, I tried it, and My little guy loves it! He’s the first one at the food dish again, he’s gaining his weight back, his coat is amazing, & the best yet, he’s back to being his energetic, mischievous  plotting, scheming, sandwich & remote control stealing self we know & love!  My little girl Diamond, who’s not a fan of canned food, likes it too!Thank you for making a good quality food that my babies love & that I feel good about feeding them.


CARLY (2).jpg


Stewlicious Canned Dog Food

Carly has worked her way through almost all flavors of the Dave's Stewlicous Canned Dog Food.. and she just can't get enough! 

Beni Hana.jpg


Dave's 95% Cat's Meow

I am so happy I found Dave’s pet food! It’s becoming harder to find quality food from good companies that are fish and fish oil free. Thanks for offering so many options that are free of all fish ingredients. My cats absolutely love the food and I love the high quality coupled with the reasonable price.



Dave's Dog Food

We've been very happy with your product ever since our introduction. 2 years now.

Max is our rescue 3.5 yr old 65 lb.mix breed boy who had been rescued from Hurricane Harvey. We purchase Your dog food at Bark N'Bites, here in Chicago. Max's favorite retailer! Max is a certified Therapy boy who accompanies me to the Nursing facility where my mother resides. Continued success!



Chicken Cat Food

My 15-Year-Old Bengal cat is a finicky eater and was losing weight, which on a nine-pound frame is not good. As a Bengal pure bread, she only likes chicken based cat foods. I’ve never been able to find a wet food she would eat until I found Dave’s Chicken and Chicken Liver pate. She has been eating it consistently for a month now and I am truly grateful for this food as my cat has stopped losing weight and even gained a half pound.

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Dave's Canned Dog Food

I have three very fussy eaters. I have even spent money and time to cook beef roast and chicken breasts for them. I gave them different flavors of Dave's dog food and they all love them! And have no problem digesting them.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 12.25.50


Dave's Naturally Healthy Food for Cats

Our eight indoor rescue cats love Dave’s Pet Food. They are healthy and happy—and the price is great. We found out about Dave's from the owner of the Cat Shoppe, who also rescues cats. Keep up your great work and we will spread the word about Dave’s. 



Dave’s Restricted Diet Farmyard Blend 

Our sweet Dallas was a Father’s Day gift to my husband. We wanted a companion dog for our other Sheltie.  She has been the most amazing companion and pet for our family. Dallas has shown great loyalty and affection for my husband more so than any dog we have had in our family—so when her body started to fail her (almost completely deaf, cataracts, and kidney failure) we were heartbroken. After a while she stopped eating the food she was prescribed, and that's when a shop in Downtown Dothan that supplies natural foods and custom blends suggested two foods that might be a safe option for her. Dave’s Restricted Diet Farmyard Blend was one of them. I tried it as soon as I got home and watching Dallas eat a hearty meal energetically—made me cry. Last night she ate a great dinner that didn't have to be hand fed to her (or disguised with Cantaloupe). So, I want to thank you and your team for saving my sweet Dallas.



Dave’s Turkey Dog Food 

Dave’s Turkey Dog Food was an instant favorite for Callie and kept her happy and energetic every day. Even as a senior dog, Callie was all wiggles and excitement at breakfast and dinner time. In my opinion, Dave’s is the best.Your customer service and quality are unparalleled and you truly care for your clients.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.49.04 PM.png


Brady Loves Dave's Dog Food

It started with one, then another, now it’s a habit—by the case! BRADY in Savannah LOVES Dave's!

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.49.10 PM.png


Bubba Loves Dave's Dog Food

Our 1 year old beagle, Bubba, loves Dave's. Thanks for keeping my baby happy and healthy



Darby Loves Dave's Dog Food

We moved down here to Winston-Salem , NC. (We being me and my black lab, Darby). I was so psyched to find a local pet food store that sold Dave's Pet Food. My girl loves it.



Dave's Grain Free and Gluten Free 

I just started Ms.Phoebe Doolittle on Dave's Grain Free and Gluten Free canned food and she is loving it! Best of all it agrees with her sensitive belly. Thank You for developing this formula.



Dave's Dry and Wet Cat Food

Thank you so much for developing your line of Dave's cat food. Our cats have eaten Dave's wet cat food for the last year and we recently introduced them to Dave's dry cat food, too. They love both! We’ve tried many other brands and the quality and taste (according to our cats) is superior. We appreciate the reasonable price point, too.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.55.38 PM.png


Dave's Delicate Dinners, 95% Turkey & Grain-Free

Our 7 year old 100% pure American Bulldog is named Chadwick, and he is the light of our life, with a full under bite, a black eye and one black ear, and all white like Petey from the little rascals! We started him on Dave’s Delicate Dinners” when he had stomach problems almost two years ago, and eventually put him on Dave's Super Premium line when he started getting better. We also supplemented with the 95% Turkey cans, and stopped giving him table food completely (he gets 1 mini 5 calorie treat twice a day with his thyroid medication and thats it!) as per the instructions on the back of your bag.

A few months ago, we wanted only the best, so we put him on Dave's Grain Free cans (about 2 tbsp per meal) with his 1 cup of Super Premium kibble, and his coat has never been shinier, and he has never had better energy, thanks to the nutrition from Daves Pet Food!

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