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Dave featured in Pet Product News International

Recently, we had the opportunity to test out dog food from an independent manufacturer, Dave’s Pet Food. While we feed kibble primarily, we like to mix in wet food to increase the meat content of their meals and just for the fun of spicing up the flavors they eat. Emmett’s now on a number of medications, and stirring them into wet food helps ensure that he can’t pick around his pills, too.

Dave’s Pet Food sent us cans of the 95% Premium Beef and the 95% Premium Chicken.

Of course, both those options eliminated Cooper from being a taste-tester because of his allergies.

Emmett and Lucas got to chow down, as did Molly and another puppy, Juniper, who John’s coworkers found at the same dump site where he found Molly (sigh). Glad to share it around and get a number of impressions!

Bottom line: They all loved both flavors. Like, loved. And Molly is a SUPER picky eater. She actually ate the wet food that was stirred into her kibble… but somehow left all the kibble behind. I guess she liked it!

I’m happy with the ingredients, too. Nothing yucky that we’re trying to avoid. There are no  grains, no cereals, no  starches, no rice. The one thing you might have to be careful about – if you have a dog like Cooper – is that the beef formula (and maybe others, this is just the one we tried) contains egg whites. So, Cooper is SUPER sensitive to eggs, and even if he could have beef, we’d have to skip this product. The chicken didn’t contain eggs, though. 

All the taste-testers liked both formulas, and I liked the price (about $20ish for a case).

Thank you, Dave’s Pet Food, for giving us the opportunity to try your products and for offering some to a lucky reader!

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