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5 Best Dave’s Dog Food Reviews

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5 Best Dave’s Dog Food Reviews (Updated 2019)

📷Trying to find the best dog food for your four-legged family member can seem like an impossible task. You want something that’s wholesome and made with the healthiest ingredients, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money; but when you hit the pet food aisles, it seems like you’re forced to make a choice: high quality or affordable. Unfortunately, if you go with the former, you could end up paying through the nose; but, if you go with the latter, you may be sacrificing your pet’s health.

For pet parents who are looking for healthful, budget-friendly option, Dave’s dog food is an excellent option. Dave’s has been around for more than two decades. It was created by a animal lover who saw that there was a real problem that plagued pet parents: a lack of affordable, healthy dog food. So, he set out to remedy the problem, and with Dave’s Pet Food, that’s exactly what he did!

Dave’s is a private label, premium quality pet food that is very reasonably priced. Animal lovers are so fond of the food that it has become one of the top dog food brands on the market. While all of the recipes Dave’s offers are nutritionally balanced and made with excellent ingredients, we think that the following five outshine the rest:


Which one should you choose? Read through the following reviews. When you’ve decided which one will suit the needs of your furry pal, click on the links to find the best prices currently available on and


📷If your furry friend suffers from tummy trouble after he eats, Dave’s Pet Food Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Delicate Dinner Dry Dog Food is an awesome option to consider! This dry dog food is specially formulated for digestive issues, meaning that it’s a dog food for sensitive stomachs. Fill your pet’s dog bowl with this recipe and he’ll no longer suffer from an upset stomach.

This recipe is made with the highest quality ingredients, all of which are easy to digest and fully of vital nutrients. It’s made with fiber-rich oat groats and brown rice, which help to maintain healthy digestion while keeping your pet full all day long and fueling his energy levels. It also contains oligofructose, which feeds healthy intestinal bacteria, further aiding in digestion. There’s no wheat, wheat gluten, corn, soy, artificial colors, or artificial flavors; there’s also no beef or dairy – all things that are known to cause stomach issues. Chicken meal – the first ingredient – is packed with protein and is easy on the gastrointestinal tract. This recipe is also fortified with vital nutrients to fully nourish your pup.

What We Like About It

Specially formulated for sensitive stomachsAids in digestionContains no wheat, dairy, beef, and other ingredients that are known to cause stomach upsetFeature oligofructose, which nourishes the digestive systemCompletely free of artificial colors and flavors

Reasons to Complain

There’s nothing to complain about! Users are thrilled with this recipe and say that it has made a tremendous difference for their pet’s digestion

Final Verdict: Your furry friend won’t have suffer from an upset stomach anymore when you offer him Dave’s Pet Food Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Delicate Dinner Dry Dog Food. It contains easily digestible ingredients and is completely free of things that are known to cause stomach upset; plus, it offers complete, balanced nutrition.


📷For dogs who suffer from kidney issues or other health conditions that make protein difficult to digest, Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Diet Protein and Phosphorous Farmyard Blend will suit their needs. It’s a low protein dog food, which means that it’s suitable for canines that can’t properly process this nutrient.

The manufacturer has carefully controlled the protein content of this recipe to reduce strain on the kidneys. It also maintains phosphorous levels, which helps to strengthen the function of the kidneys. Because it contains no carrageen, it’s a low sodium dog food, too, so it will help to keep your dog’s blood pressure levels in-check. While this formula is low in protein and sodium, it’s definitely not lacking in the other vital nutrients that canines need to thrive. Carrots, peas, and salmon oil are just some of the healthful ingredients used in this recipe. It’s also fortified with vitamins and minerals that adult canines need to thrive. And, since it’s a canned dog food, it has an savory flavor and a meaty texture that dogs love.

Low in protein, phosphorous, and sodium for pups that have health issuesFortified with essential nutrientsGrain freeContains no artificial colors or flavors

Reasons to Complain

The recipe has recently been changed, and some customers said that they prefer the old formulation

Final Verdict: For dogs that suffer from kidney issues, high blood pressure, or other health issues that impact their ability to tolerate protein, phosphorous, and sodium, Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Diet Protein and Phosphorous Farmyard Blend is a great choice. It’s specially formulated to meet the dietary needs of dogs with certain health problems, yet it’s packed with all of the vital nutrition that they need.


📷Dave’s Pet Food 95% Premium Chicken and Chicken Liver Canned Dog Food will satisfy even the pickiest eaters! It contains 95% pure, high-quality poultry, so it appeals to your pup’s cravings. And since it’s a wet dog food, it offers a texture that dogs love!

This recipe contains nothing put chicken, chicken liver, water, vitamins, and minerals; that’s it! The first ingredient is real chicken, which is mixed with chicken liver and chicken broth, plus essential vitamins and minerals, and just a touch of water. With so much poultry, this recipe can definitely be considered a high protein dog food, which means that your pooch will get all of the amino acids that he needs to support his muscles and joints. Coupled with a dog joint supplement, you can help to stave off problems like hip dysplasia and arthritis, issues that breeds like German shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Labrador Retrievers, Dachshunds, Great Danes, and Saint Bernards are prone to. To further add to the goodness, this recipe is grain free and contains absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. Lastly, it’s low in calories, which makes it a dog food for weight loss, too!

What We Like About It

Contains 95% poultry, so it packs plenty of proteinLow in caloriesContains no artificial colors or flavorsGrain freeFortified with essential vitamins and mineralsOffers a rich, meaty texture and a savory flavor

Reasons to Complain

A few customers said that they weren’t happy with the new formulation of this dog food

Final Verdict: If your dog need a high protein diet and could stand to lose a few pounds, Dave’s Pet Food 95% Premium Chicken and Chicken Liver Canned Dog Food is a great choice. It’s made with tons of protein-rich poultry, is low in calories, and it’s fortified with all of the essential vitamins and minerals canines need to thrive.


📷If your pooch is genetically predisposed to joint issues or if you’re on the market for a senior dog food because your aging pet is starting to suffer from joint stiffness and reduced mobility, Dave’s Pet Food Naturally Healthy Joint Formula Canned Dog Food is an option that you should definitely consider. It’s specifically made to support the joints by offering up tons of protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate; all ingredients strengthen the joints. And, it’s also fortified with vitamins A and D, which may be beneficial for joint health.

In addition to supporting the joints, this Dave’s Pet Food recipe also provides all of the wholesome goodness that canines need to support their overall health and well being. It’s infused with essential vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, vitamin B12, biotin, zinc, and copper. It’s also completely grain free and contains no artificial colors and flavors, making it a healthy, easy to digest meal that your pooch will love.

What We Like About It

Specially formulated to support strong, healthy joints and improve mobilityFortified with essential vitamins and mineralsFree of artificial colors and flavorsContains no corn, wheat, soy, or glutenOffers a meaty texture and a savory taste

Final Verdict: For pet’s who need a boost in their joint health, Dave’s Pet Food Naturally Healthy Joint Formula Canned Dog Food is a fantastic choice. This hearty canned food offers a savory flavor that your pup will love and is made with hand-selected ingredients that will strengthen his joints and improve his mobility.


📷Last – but definitely not least – on our list of the best Dave’s dog food is their Naturally Healthy Chicken and Rice Recipe Canned Dog Food. Like all of Dave’s recipes, it’s made with the highest quality ingredients to fully nourish your adult dog. It’s also free of harsh things like gluten, soy, corn, artificial flavors, and synthetic colors.

The first ingredient featured in this recipe is chicken, which is a great source of protein that will nourish your dog’s joints by supplying him with the amino acids he needs to promote proper muscle development. It also contains brewers rice, an easy to digest carbohydrate that will keep him full all day long and fuel his energy levels. The addition of essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, thiamine, biotin, zinc, potassium, and copper, offer all of the nutrition that your furry best friend needs to thrive. The meaty texture and hearty flavor of this canned dog food will satisfy your pup’s taste buds, too, making mealtime a real treat.

What We Like About It

Made with high quality, healthful ingredientsFortified with essential vitamins and mineralsGrain free and gluten freeContains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservativesOffers a meaty texture and a savory taste that canines find highly palatable

Reasons to Complain

The formula of this recipe has recently been changed, and a few customers said that they prefer the old recipe

Final Verdict: Your pup will love the taste of Dave’s Pet Food Naturally Healthy Chicken and Rice Recipe Canned Dog food – and you’ll love the wholesome goodness that it offers. It’s full of all the good stuff he needs and none of the harsh stuff he doesn’t, making it a well-balanced, nutrient-rich meal.


When it comes to feeding the furriest member of your family, you want to make sure that you are choosing the most nutritious food possible. While there are lots of high quality dog food options on the market – like Blue Buffalo dog food, Taste of the Wild dog food, and Addiction dog food – they tend to have a pretty high price tag. You don’t want to pay an astronomical amount for your pet’s food, but you also don’t want to sacrifice his nutrition. What can you do? – You can choose Dave’s dog food!


Dave’s Pet Food was started by a pet lover – named Dave – who, like so many other pet parents, wanted to offer his furry family members the best possible nutrition, but didn’t want to spend a fortune doing so. That’s why he decided to create his own line of products; Dave’s Pet Food.

Dave’s is a private label that’s been around for about 20 years. It was so well received by customers that Dave expanded and started offering even more recipes. Now, it’s one of most beloved brands of dog food on the market. Pet parents love that their faithful companions have access to quality nutrition at an affordable price, and dogs just love the flavor.


So, why should you offer your pet Dave’s? There are plenty of reasons! Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Dave’s dog food…

It’s highly nutritious. All of Dave’s recipes are made with the highest quality ingredients to offer optimal nutrition for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and dietary needs. Real cuts of meat, fruits, and vegetables are used in their products, and every formula is infused with essential vitamins and minerals, too.It contains none of the harsh additives that so many other low-cost pet foods are packed with, like fillers, byproducts, artificial flavors, and synthetic colors.There’s never any wheat, corn, rice, or gluten in their food; everything is grain freeThey offer a wide variety of options

All of these benefits, and Dave’s happens to be one of the most affordable high quality brands of dog food on the market!

Summing It Up

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious food for your dog that’s made with premium quality ingredients and won’t break your budget, we strongly urge you to consider Dave’s dog food. Whether you choose one of the recipes featured in our list or something different, we’re confident that you’ll be happy with the results.

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