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land trusts


So, What Exactly is a Land Trust?

A Land Trust is a private community-based non-profit land conservation organization that works to protect land and water resources for the benefit of everyone. Heritage Land Preservation Trust is a regional land trust. Since 1968 Heritage has preserved over 600 acres of farmland, forest and ecologically valuable wetlands in Torrington, Winchester, New Hartford and Watertown.


The Heritage Land Preservation Land Trust operates with no paid staff- we depend on the hard work of dedicated volunteers and the financial support of people in the community. Because land trusts must raise individual donations to cover expenses, they rely primarily on donations of interests in land, but occasionally they do buy critical land that the owner is unable to donate. Land Trusts work only with willing landowners, most of who are motivated by a desire to see the lands they love preserved.


Heritage works with interested landowners on the conservation options available to them and the tax and other benefits available in preserving land through a land trust. Not all land will meet Heritage’s purposes, but we are available to talk to you about any land that you might be interested in preserving.



Take a Look Around.


You don't have to look to hard to spot all manner of wildlife. Whether on a trail, a preserve or driving down the winding roads of the northwest corner, you're certain to discover natural waterways, habitats, and indigenous flora, fauna, birds, critters.

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