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Our scientifically-based all-natural marine formula is teaming with essential nutrient-rich ingredients — and makes SeaCare

a smart choice for your pet.

Our proprietary formula is derived from ancient Far-East recipes handed down over generations. SeaCare is packed with key nutrients, sourced from pristine waters, and painstakingly produced to help nourish, boost and maintain a healthy immune system with optimal potency and absorption. 

A strong immune system is key to maintaining a healthy body. Germs and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, mold and toxins thrive in the body, especially one with a weakened immune system. Boosting the immune system is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of serious infection and disease. Today, this is more important than ever. SeaCare’s nutrient-rich marine ingredients strengthen the immune system so the body is less susceptible to serious and frequent illness, and better able to heal itself naturally and maintain optimal health.

Active ingredients: 100% natural sea cucumber, sea urchin and sea grasses. 

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No Other Supplement Can Compete with

SeaCare's Immune-Nourishing, Immune-Boosting Benefits.

There are thousands of supplements  that promise the immune-boosting benefits of sea cucumber, but only ONE with the clinically-proven ingredients known to actually nourish and fortify the immune system—especially a compromised immune system. SeaCare is the most potent sea cucumber based supplement in the world—optimizing the immune system to fight off pathogens, so the body can heal and maintain optimal health. 

In addition to warm-water sea cucumber, SeaCare includes nutrient-rich sea urchin and a variety of beneficial sea plants that work together to create our proprietary formula. It's in our extraction and combining methods that separate SeaCare from the field. Today, SeaCare is one of the most powerful immune-boosting supplement in the world.  

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What is the Difference Between an Ordinary Sea Cucumber-Based Supplement and SeaCare? Just About Everything. 

Unfortunately, competitor brands leverage the legitimacy of sea cucumber science (generated by SeaCare) and hope consumers  won't know the difference, when in fact they skip the precise extraction process where the true beneficial nutrients are found, dehydrate the entire sea cucumber carcass thereby stripping it from most all of its beneficial nutrients, are unable to remove the naturally occurring toxins from their products. They are able to claim their dry powder pill is made of 100% sea cucumber, when in reality they retain little, if any, of the ingredients beneficial to the immune system.


We at SeaCare USA have spent decades perfecting our scientifically-backed formula and our extraction and processing methodologies. We are obsessed with your health and with delivering a supplement that will provide you with all the benefits our all-natural marine ingredients promise. Without compromise. We think it’s superior to every other supplement of its kind, and we think you will too. As a matter of fact, we're so confident that you'll see the life-changing results you're looking for that we stand behind our product and offer a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. We invite you to read through our website and also read all the great research available to you online about the myriad benefits of Sea Cucumber, Frondoside A. We look forward to hearing from you and how SeaCare has changed your life.


#1. Warm-water vs. cold-water sea cucumber

Though there are hundreds of different species of sea cucumber, only a small number are known to actually possess immune-boosting benefits. Extensive research demonstrates that the benefits to the immune system are produced only from warm-water sea cucumber species. Unlike most brands that are limited to using cold-water species, SeaCare harvests solely warm-water species sourced from the tropical waters of Vanuatu, a small island nation in the South Pacific. No other company enjoys SeaCare’s exclusive rights to these waters.

#2. Complex vs. simplified processing

SeaCare uses a complex and expensive process that extracts valuable immune-boosting nutrients from its ingredients: sea cucumber, sea urchin and sea plants to produce a 100% natural supplement packed with the essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins critical to nourishing and boosting the body’s immune system.

#3. Nutrient-rich gel vs. dehydrated pills

SeaCare’s nutrient-rich gel-like supplement boasts more potency and greater absorption, more than any known supplement in pill form. Other supplements have fillers and use dehydrated cold-water sea cucumber carcasses, stripped of the key nutrients that actually benefit the immune system. SeaCare delivers the highest potency sea cucumber, with zero toxins—something no other product can claim.


Sea Cucumber (bêche-de-mer)

SeaCare can be found in waters throughout the world, but only the extract from a handful of warm-water species is known to have immune boosting properties SeaCare does. 

SeaCare delivers high levels of a well-documented anti-inflammatory, Frondoside A — more than any other sea cucumber based supplement in the world.  



Sea Urchin (echinus)

Sea Urchin contains high doses of natural vitamin A and vitamin C, two essential immune boosters. Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for regulating the body’s reaction to invading pathogens, and also enhances the body’s natural defense cells. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body’s cells from harmful toxins, and also encourages white blood cell production to help the body fight infection and expedite healing.

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Marine Plants

Marine Plants enhance absorption and ensure balance and effectiveness of each of SeaCare’s  marine ingredients.


About SeaCare USA

SeaCare is responsibly harvested in Vanuatu, a small island-nation in the South Pacific widely regarded as the best source for warm-water sea cucumber. SeaCare follows rigorous sustainability regulations that protect and preserve all the marine life in order to prevent over-harvesting of natural resources. SeaCare has no fillers, is non-toxic, non-invasive, non-interactive and supports other forms of natural and conventional treatments. SeaCare is produced in an FDA-compliant facility.

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