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Hanq's was born from a single idea: to create an experience where my friends could come to spend the evening in good company, where each plate is prepared with real passion, and the sounds and mood give your spirit a lift.  

With Hanq’s, I imagined a restaurant steeped in originality.  A place that didn’t try to be something it wasn’t, but comfortable with what it is.  And that goes for the flavours that hit your palate, the atmosphere that draws you in, and the people dedicated to making sure you have an authentic experience.  Our customers are invited to stay for the evening, not just a meal, allowing the time for boundaries to dissolve naturally as the conversation flows across the room, transforming strangers into kindred spirits.

Every detail at Hanq’s — from the fabrics and colours and textures, to the portraits of my puggle, Hank, to the rooftop garden—incorporates the existing history and character of this classic industrial building from the 1800's.

Our menu includes dishes from around the world, and we use the freshest and best ingredients we can find. That means sometimes we pick them up at the local farm, and sometimes we have them flown in from around the world.  You’ll find everything from a traditional burger and truffle fries, to my grandmother's favorite fresh filet beer battered cod sandwich,  to our homemade carbonara pasta with black truffles flown in from Italy—and don't get me started on our desserts, all made from scratch in our kitchen.

I invite you to come in and say hello.  Ask for me by name. I’ll do all I can to make you feel at home and give you an experience that's sure to keep you coming back for more.

Kris Kelsey



To book a table by phone, please call: (860) 309-7200

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