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Scripture calls us to pray always, to seek God in all that we do. The Carmelite life is based on living this Divine request. The Mass is the highlight of each day; Our Lord’s abiding Presence draws every other activity into a continual sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.


At specific times during the day the Liturgy of the Hours is recited by the community. 

Participation in this great prayer of the Church with its cycle of psalms is a powerful expression of the needs and longing of all humanity, and implores God’s mercy and peace for the world.

Two hours each day are given to personal quiet prayer. Saint Teresa of Avila, Mother and Foundress of the Discalced Carmelite Order, describes prayer as ‘conversation with Christ”. The loving relationship with Jesus which develops in this way gradually comes to pervade the whole day. This is what a Carmelite is meant to be – living prayer in the Heart of the Church. This is our vocation


Manual work has always been an important part of monastic life. It is an authentic witness to the vow of poverty and provides a healthy balance for an intense spiritual life. All share in the common household and gardening tasks, and also in the work by which we help to support ourselves (including printing, sewing and various forms of hand-crafts).


"Mental prayer is nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us."

Saint Teresa of Jesus


The Life of a Carmelite

Our schedule gives us a balanced life of personal prayer
community prayer, work and community living.

5:30 Rise

5:50 Liturgy of the Hours
7:00 Prayer
7:15 Holy Mass, Thanksgiving
8:00 Liturgy of the Hours
8:15 Coffee, Spiritual Reading
9:30 Manual Work
11:00 Liturgy of the Hours
11:15 Examination of Conscience
11:25 Dinner and Recreation
1:00 Manual Work

2:00 Liturgy of the Hours

Quiet Period
3:00 Manual Work
4:45 Liturgy of the Hours
5:15 Prayer
6:15 Supper and Recreation
8:00 Liturgy of the Hours
8:30 Free Time
9:30 Liturgy of the Hours
10:15 Spiritual Reading
11:00 Retirer
Come to pray, meet a sister, visit our monastic shop, and share in the Risen Lord
Our monastery has a public chapel with daily and Sunday Mass, Sunday Benediction, as well as a monthly Holy Hour to pray for priests. Visitors can stop by our small gift shop where hand-crafts, honey from our ‘Glory Bee’ apiary, rosaries and a selections of books and cards produced by our own Saint Teresa’s Press are available. Visitors and prayer requests are always welcome.
God has abundantly blessed our Carmel. He has inspired new vocations and supports us in our daily lives. We are thankful.
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