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  • What makes NYBUZZ honey optimally healthful, premium, and pure?"
    NYBUZZ® is a holistic apiary, which means our agricultural and honey bee management builds systemic immunity between bees and plants through synergistic biological ecosystems. NYBUZZ Apiary is 100% synthetic chemistry and pesticide-free. NYBUZZ® honey is never pasteurized, always antibiotic free, and only gravity filtered upon extraction. This means that you receive our honey chockablock RAW, replete with nutrient rich and healthful pollen, minerals and enzymes.
  • How do we do it?
    NYBUZZ home brews its mother culture fertilizers, which means our honey bees feed on forage grown in soil teeming and teaming with biological life known as the food soil web. We start from the ground up because healthful food produces biologically-diverse soil. We start from the ground up because good food comes from good soil. We make our own organic fertilizers and compost teeming with soil web life: beneficial bacteria, microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. The result is an agricultural landscape that is clean and produces indisputably probiotic forage for honey bees to make honey.
  • What’s all the buzz about honey bees? Are they really that important to mankind?
    Honey bees are responsible for feeding one-third of mankind’s global food supply. That's 1 of every three bites of food every person eats is the consequence of honey bee pollination. The Take-Away: An unpollinated flower will never become a fruit.
  • How much food grows on an acre of land?
    Sixty thousand pounds of food can be grown on an acre of land at 43,560 s,f,/acre or 1.4 lbs/s.f. the quantity of fruit which grows on an acre of land depends upon sunlight, water and soil to grow an abundance of flowers nutrient laden nectar and pollen to feed let fly the honey bee and pollinate bloom to bloom if then to bear fruit—all on an acre of land.
  • Is honey a better sweetener than refined white sugar
    Consume carbohydrates (sugars and starch) in moderation. The main difference between these two sugars is how the body metabolizes and stores them. Consider: Refined Sugar Honey 55% Fructose/42% Glucose 38% Fructose/31% Glucose Fructose Glucose Energy (calories) is stored Energy is Brain Glucose and as fat quickly accessed as the primary and preferred source of body fuel Increases food intake Decreases food intake
  • Will 'local' honey build resistance against my seasonal allergies?
    Yes. 'Local' pollen allergens found in 'local' honey sourced from 'local' flowers will build up antigens, immunity, and possible resistance to the allergic reaction.
  • Why doesn’t honey go off?
    Honey is a naturally antibacterial and hostile environment to bacteria due to: - Hygroscopic and low moisture content (18%) to dehydrate bacteria - Acidic pH of 3-4 - Presence of antiseptic hydrogen peroxide
  • Why does my honey crystallize?
    Honey granulates according to thefloral nectar sourced. and as glucose spontaneously precipitates out of the liquid state. Soak your jar in warm water to allow the voila! crystals revert to liquid. Controlled crystallization is the mode by which NYBUZZ makes its very smooth and spreadable edible micro-SET CRÈME HONEY.
  • Why is honey produced in so many different colors?
    The varietal plant or nectars sourced along with the mode of processing will determine the final color and viscosity of your honey.
  • How should I store my honey?
    To keep your honey liquid, store in the freezer at 32ºF or at below 50ºF. Do not microwave or heat honey to above 96ºF. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Is NYBUZZ open to the public?
    Sorry. NYBUZZ® is currently not open to the public.
  • How do I become a local vendor?
    Please contact us directly, or fill out the form on our website: Call: (917) 678-4988 Email: BEELOVINIT@GMAIL.COM Write: P.O. Box 399Tivoli, NY 12583
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