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Help the Heritage Land Preservation Trust save our land and water.

What Can You Give?

There are many ways to give. Consider a one-time or recurring contribution, Or Gift some land to the Heritage Land Preservation Trust.



Got Land? 

If you own land that you might like to preserve now or in the future, or if you know someone who might want to preserve their land and would like to learn more, please let us know.

How do we receive land?

We actively work with landowners and local residents to preserve and protect open space. Our goal is to protect important natural resources and to build greenways which provide extended and continuous open space while protecting waterways, woodlands and open meadows. We protect land permanently by: 

  • Land ownership.

  • Conservation Easements (development rights)

How does it benefit a landowner to donate land and easements?

Satisfaction in knowing you've helped to protect our open spaces, Potential estate and property tax benefits (depending upon size and nature of property). 

How do we care for our properties? 

We are professional stewards, trained to monitor and inspect land and provide maintenance and restoration as needed according to each property's topography, plants and wildlife. 

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Give a little. Save a lot.

Heritage Land Preservation Trust depends on Financial Support from people in the community for operating costs, including liability insurance, property maintenance, and any services provided by lawyers, accountants, surveyors and appraisers that are not donated. 

RABBIT $75.00

BEAR $100.00

DEER $150.00

WOLF 150+

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