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Introducing One of the Most Powerful

Immune-Nourishing, Immune-Boosting,

Immune-Optimizing Supplements In the World. For Your Pet.

Far from the run-of-the-mill sea cucumber-based supplements on the market today, SeaCare's proprietary formula includes sea cucumber, sea urchin and marine plants that deliver the most powerful immune-nourishing, immune-boosting supplement on the market. SeaCare is more potent, with higher absorption and absolutely no toxins — something no other brand can claim.  


Sourced from the pristine, tropical waters of the South Pacific, widely regarded as the best source for warm water sea cucumber, SeaCare is produced by employing a complex scientific process that extracts only the beneficial nutrient-rich enzymes from three different marine ingredients that work in concert to create a supplement like no other. Each ingredient plays a significant role in nourishing the immune system. 


SeaCare is formulated right at its source and is the only supplement of its kind delivered in its natural liquid state (frozen) to retain its active ingredients.

Hugging Birman Cat

SeaCare works with the body's immune system

restoring it and fortifying it naturally.

The all-natural sea cucumber and its ability to strengthen the immune system has been documented as far back as the Ming Dynasty. SeaCare's proprietary combination of the most potent extracts and essential nutrients from sea cucumber, sea urchin and marine grasses work in harmony to provide optimal potency and absorption—with zero toxins.


People who take SeaCare report having a greater ability to strengthen their immune system and optimize their health.

SeaCare has no fillers, is non-toxic, non-invasive, non-interactive, supports other forms of  natural and conventional treatments, and is produced in an FDA-regulated facility.

What Customers Say

"I was taking SeaCare myself, and when Germonimo, my goldendoodle got sick, I gave him some. He got better almost immediately, and my vet says, he's now in full remission." 
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