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Dave's Pet Food

For Dogs


Man’s best friend deserves a delicious and nutritious food that keeps them happy. Dave’s Pet Food offers a wide range of canned and dry food for dogs of all ages, health conditions, and diet restrictions. At Dave’s Pet Food, you’ll find healthy products your dogs will enjoy – at a price you'll love.


Browse through our dog food catalog below today.



Our canned dog food comes with various features to meet different dietary needs. Our 95% Premium line offers more meat and fewer carbohydrates for a healthier, but savory meal. Dogs with sensitive stomachs should try our Delicate Dinners, or our Restricted Diet products with specific minerals for an intermittent diet.


If your dog prefers dry food, we offer options based on age and various health conditions. Growing puppies are more active, and will need more energy and nutrients to get through the day. Senior dogs, and dogs with sedentary lifestyles need easily digestible food that won’t upset their stomachs. Ask your vet which of Dave's recipes are best for you.

dog catalog

Dave's dog food catalog

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